Next parade date is Saturday, August 26, 2017
Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade
President: Yvette Soto 6071 Hoover Drive, Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Ph. 609.226.8183 Email:


Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade Pageant 2017 Application

Name_________________________Date of Birth____________Age_________

Mailing Address_____________________________________________

City_________________State_______Zip________Phone #__________

Cell Phone #________________Email____________________________

Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s)_____________________________________
Emergency Contact Name & Telephone Number: ___________________________________________________________
School Name:________________________________________________
School Location:______________________________________________
Grade Attending during 2017: ___________________________________
Puerto Rico’s Hometown/s: _____________________________________
This certifies that ________________________________________has permission to enter the Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade Pageant. I have read and fully understand the rules and regulations and do hereby release the Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade Pageant, it's directors and volunteers, and the facility where the pageant is being held from all liabilities including but not limited to injury or loss or theft of property during or subsequent to the pageant. I understand that judges decisions are final and shall not be contested. Any inappropriate behavior or poor sportsmanship will result in disqualification from the competition without refund. I do hereby give permission for any or all photographs taken to be used for publicity purposes. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation.
The Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade needs copies of each contestant’s birth certificate.

Contestant Signature________________________________Date_____________________

Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________Date______________________
Pageant Coordinator Signature: ______________________________________
ACPRP President Signature: ________________________________________
Date Application Processed: ________________________________________
For additional information, please call (609) 226-8183 or

Miss Puerto Rico of Atlantic County Pageant Requirements
· Be between the ages of 16-21 on the day of the pageant
· Maintain a C+ average or higher
· Must be at least 50% Puerto Rican
· Single, never married and without children
· Enrolled in school for the entire school year
· Must be a resident of Atlantic County
· Completed application and copy of current report card
· Must be bilingual in Spanish and English (Pageant staff will interview in both Languages.)
· Must not be participating in any other pageant.
· Must have transportation to and from rehearsals.
· Contestant must bring a recent photo.
Contestants will be judged in the following categories:
Talent Category: 15% of the Final Score
Must present a talent that embraces your Puerto Rican heritage, culture and pride.
Platform: 10% of the Final Score
Each participant is asked to select a topic of their choice to research and to share with the audience. Example: Breast Cancer, Youth Violence, Drugs, etc.
Typical Dress: 10% of the Final Score
Participants will participate in a choreographed number wearing their typical dress.
Personal Interview: 20% of the Final Score
Each participant will have a one-on-one interview with the judges. Only one contestant will be interviewed at a time.
Essay Category: 10% of the Final Score
Must write an essay about Puerto Rico’s history; Puerto Rico’s hometown details or; the importance of Puerto Ricans in the United States. Each participant should do research on their own, however, the essay must be completed in the presence of the pageant coordinators. A copy of all essays will be given to all judges.
Final Question: 15% of the Final Score
Each participant will be asked a final question. Each contestant has (2) minutes to collaborate.
Overall Presentation Category: 20% of the Final Score
How confident and graceful you present yourself.
Contestants must participate in all rehearsals, workshops and community activities.
Grades: Must maintain a cumulative average of C+ or higher. A current and end of school year report card must be submitted.
Every contestant is responsible for recruiting sponsors to pay or donate their clothes including, talent apparel, typical dress and evening wear. Participants are also encouraged to recruit sponsors to cover their make-up and hair. The sponsors’ business cards information will be placed on the pageant ad book.
Pageant Tickets:
Each participant is responsible to sell pageant tickets to their family members and contacts.
Ad Book:
Participants are encouraged to sell ad book advertisements to family and friends

Parade Corporate Sponsors

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